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fishIn Barbuda, fishing is an occupation for everyone. While some others take it as a full-time job, some others prefer to do it part-time or as a special vocation for them. Whether you do it only on weekends or you have your own massive fishing boat, the summary is that in Barbuda, is one huge fishing community. And wait for this: the most interesting part of the whole thing is that Barbudans do not even consider this a sporting activity. They actually fish to consume them. However, for those who really want to get sporty with fishing, there is an annual fishing competition precisely made for them.

In many parts of Barbuda, fishing is done in the traditional way, which is in no way funny or easy. Fishing pots made from locally sourced sticks and wire mesh are used. In some other instances, trammel nets can also be used for the fishing. For those in love with lobsters, the catching is done by hand with a wire lasso. The export of lobsters to the French Caribbean islands is a major economic activity. For the other aquatic organisms and fish caught, they are bought by the locals or sent off to Antigua as the final destination.

In Barbuda, you will be dazzled with the amazing array and diversity of the fish that is available. These include the grunt, snapper, barracuda, old wife, grunt and even sharks! Barbuda has them all! This year, a study carried out by the citizens in collaboration with Blue Halo show that there is actually a drop in the population of chub or parrot fish in the area. However, this is not really a very popular option for the people. But the disturbing trends noticed are that others are encroaching on the waters of Barbuda, thus driving out our limited stock further out into the sea.

The good news about this issue is that currently, there is the talk of zones where fishing will be prohibited. This may even mean closing down the Lagoon for a couple of years. Barbudans had relied on the Lagoon as a last resort whenever fish is in low supply. On our own, we are in full support of the no-fishing zones and we want to implore the authorities to deploy a coastguard boat so as to enforce all the rules and regulations. This is especially advisable in a situation where it seemed that some were flouting the rules and getting away with it.

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A man from Wisconsin has emerged the king of the master anglers at the Antigua Barbuda Fishing Tournament. He came out tops after he scored various wins at the various divisions. The tournament itself ran for eight grueling months before reaching its ecstatic end.

Going by the name of Larry Langohr from Neenah, he clinched the highest honors with permit releases with 15, and that is not all. He also nabbed the biggest catch of tournament on the 30-pound line, with him clocking in at 24.8 pounds. A fantastic angler, he was also a scorer of a division, where he led the 19-pound permit and wait for this, a six-pounder cero mackerel.

He fished offshore with Captain Chip Veach of Antigua Barbuda on the Super Grouper and on The Outcast with Captain Tim Carlile of Sugarloaf Key, Florida. As for the women master anglers, the undisputed champion was Sara Grimes from Germantown, MD. Grimes broke the records of the tournament when she caught a massive Blackfin tuna on the fly –it came in at an eye-popping 28.12 pounds. Also, while she was fishing with the Freelancer with Captain Ted Lund in Antigua Barbuda, she scored a total of 25 releases and earned the top honors in the fly division, and that included catches which include a bonito that tipped the scale at 16.8 pounds. In addition to all these, she also caught a 25.8 pound Blackfin –on plug.

Interestingly, the person that went home with the highest overall releases was Roger Baker III who resides in Heritage Bay of Naples, Florida. Just 13, this junior angler had 103 fish, a haul which included 26 tarpon, and he also had the most barracuda releases with 18. Oh, wait for this: he was on a private boat with his father, the legendary Ross Baker from Key West, a super angler and tournament champion in his own right.